Mishkanot Ha'uma Phase III

This is an advanced and innovative quarter; a modern aura covers its alleys, this is a living and breathing center. At the heart of this urban and lively happening, lies an island of tranquility and culture. The mountain air penetrates among the quarter's buildings, flows in the foliage of the trees and opens the heart and soul. “Mishkenot Ha'uma” has a pronounced architectural beauty. Architect Sami Tito created a special color for the emerging quarter, a pearl of design and esthetics drawing elements from the unique Jerusalem style and influenced by European building characterizations. The contemporary design of the apartments is the fruit of the most creative contemporary designers working and influencing the field. The variety of apartments in the complex ranges from spacious luxury apartments with a novel pedant design to two rooms apartments impressive in their size. All apartments are equipped with state of the art spoiling accessories according to international building standards with the utmost functionality level. An elegant lively, Parisian-style shopping avenue, adorned in green, is located in the heart of the complex and houses a selection of boutique shops. Quality galleries and coffee shops bring the flavors of the modern world to the doorstep of the prestigious quarter. There is no more need to leave the oldest city in the world in order to connect to the life beat of the 21 st century.

A pastoral picture is visible from the windows. The Jerusalem panorama, typical of the charmed city surrounds the complex and is lies at its doorstep. The Mishkenot Ha'uma neighborhood that is encompassed by a rare mixture of symbols and implications, provides it inhabitants a unique experience of quality and culture of life, and is presented to Jerusalem like a precious piece of jewelry.

Mishkanot Ha'uma Phase III

About the area

Among the most charmed and beautiful capital cities of the world, a center of attraction for world dignitaries from the fields of culture and political doing, in the heart of this central and dynamic city is located the Kiryat Ha’leom (The National District) compound. It is located between the Shrine of the Book, the home for the Judean Desert Scrolls, and the Garden of Roses known for its beauty. In the area of the Hall of Justice, the residence of Israel’s Supreme Court, the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, The Israel Museum and the Hebrew University, is now constructed a new prestigious neighborhood.
In a distance of a touch from the Prime Minister Chambers, the new Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Israel, on the background of the pastoral Sacher Parkand the entrance to the veteran culture center, Binyene Ha’umma, on the highest topographical point of Jerusalem, the Mishkenot Ha’umma neighborhood is taking shape. It is inlaid like the last gem in a jewel of perfection.
On the most prestigious land reserve in this country, a rare window of opportunity opens to a dream of serene life. This unique real estate gem is the land for the Mishkenot Ha’umma neighborhood.

Access roads to the compound are among the most convenient and fast routs to a residential area, one-minute drive from the main entrances to the city directly into the elaborate underground parking lying deep under the project.

Technical Spec

Underground parking with an electrically controlled barrier
Parking and storage facilities for each apartment
Color television intercom plus a telephone extension in the parents’ room
“Smart electricity in the apartment” - the type and specifications to be determined by the company
Underfloor heating in all rooms
2 elevators in each entrance - one of which has a Shabbat control
Porcelain granite flooring 60X60 in the kitchen, living room and passageways, a choice of 5 col
Porcelain granite flooring 60X60 in the rooms, or laminated parquet
Ceramic wall covering in the bathroom and parents’ room toilet, a choice of 5 colors, 3 meters
150-liter solar water heater with electric heating (for 2 rooms apartment 120 liter)
Quality upper and lower kitchen cabinets including a built-in unit
Caesar marble in the kitchen according to the dimensions of the lower cabinets,
Flush-mounted kitchen sink
Sanitary appliances with hidden flush tank - imported or local
Stem faucets in all the sinks - imported / local
Double-glazing throughout the apartment (except for the protected area)
Aluminum of a color to be determined by the architect
Stylish and quality doors and doorposts (lintels)
Decorative security door at the entrance to the apartment
Electrically controlled blinds in the rooms of the apartment
Telephone and television outlets in every room
Triple-phase electricity
Preparations for a home cinema system in the living room (4 outlets)
Gas outlet on the balcony
Water faucet on the balcony / in the garden
Lower bathroom cabinet with an integral surface and a mirror
Cold water outlet in the refrigerator
Anti-skid porcelain granite flooring on the open balconies

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