Pisgah Shopping Mall

A commercial and office center in Talpiot, strategically located at the heart of Jerusalem’s principal commercial zone.
North Jerusalem’s largest shopping and entertainment center – servicing over 200,000 local residents. Inaugurated in 2004 and located on Pisgat Ze’ev’s main thoroughfare.


Pisgah Shopping Mall

About the area

  located on Pisgat Ze’ev’s main thoroughfare, the mall offers its unique and varied services to northern Jerusalem’s residents, including Pisgat Ze’ev (60,000), the French Hill, Ramat Eshkol, Shoefat, Bet Hanina, the Geva & Binyamin settlements and the huge army bases located in the vicinity – all together, over 200,000 residents. The light railway, currently under construction, will have its main northern station adjacent the main entrance to the mall.
80 sq.m. still available.

Technical Spec

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