Tzur Hadasa

An additional enterprise that continues the successful Green Village project, located on the green peaks of Tzur Hadassa that encircle Jerusalem.

Residents of this project will enjoy a young residential neighborhood for people who value privacy and nature.

B. Yair is currently designing 3 intimate buildings, with 27 housing units.

The project will include 4-room garden apartments, 5-room apartments with balconies and 5-room penthouses, all designed and built according to B.Yair's highest standards.

Ideal for people looking for a large apartment with space for everything that they ever aspired for.

B. Yair, one of Israel's leading construction companies which builds abroad as well, makes your dreams come true. We are pleased to introduce a new housing project – boutique apartments, close to nature, with plenty of fresh air to breathe.

Tzur Hadasa

About the area

Only a 14 minute drive from Jerusalem's Malha Mall, Talpiot neighborhood and the entrance to the city center, you'll find a quiet neighborhood, nestled in greenery, in the charming Tzur Hadassa neighborhood, a housing project which offers the best quality of life. Tzur Hadassa, located on the outskirts of Jerusalem, is known for its many advantages such as preschools, an excellent elementary school, extra-curricular activities for children and their parents, its serene rural atmosphere with beautiful views visible from the project and quiet streets lined with greenery.

B. Yair's apartment buildings in Tzur Hadassa are surrounded by greenery and overlook the open landscape.

Tzur Hadassa is a village just outside of Jerusalem which provides the highest quality of life for its residents. It is a drawing point for many families who appreciate the tranquility that it has to offer.

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