B. Yair group

Yair Biton, Chairman of Board of Directors

Yossi Biton, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nir Yechzkely, CEO
The B. Yair Group is one of Israel's foremost construction companies, a public company that specializes in initiating large-scale projects in Israel and around the world. The company initiates and builds neighborhoods, thousands of apartments, public buildings and commercial structures throughout the country and, to a large extent, also abroad.
B. Yair's uniqueness in its combining of entrepreneurship and execution, which provides it with absolute independence in the construction field. This advantage is expressed in high building standards, and swift and efficient planning and project execution.
The B. Yair Group has been active for about 20 years, developing and building real estate projects in Israel and abroad.
The company was established by Yossi and Yair Biton, who control the company. It operates through several subsidiaries  an entrepreneurial branch, an executing branch, dedicated companies (SPC), and an international company that specializes in initiating and building projects abroad. The company is registered in the contractor's ledger as an unlimited company, as is its executing subsidiary. In 2006, B. Yair became a public company.
Board Chairman, Yair Biton also serves as the chairman of the Jerusalem contractor's union and the National Union of Israeli Builders & Developers.
Initiating complex, large-scale projects and maintaining quality
The B. Yair Group specializes in residential construction, and since its inception has built thousands of units throughout the country. The company has also made its mark within the commercial and office construction sector, and also owns a number of yielding assets.
These include the Pisgah Shopping Center in North Jerusalem. Thanks to its adherence to the highest standards, the application of advanced technologies and the ISO 9002 quality standard, the company has earned the title The Best Home in Town.
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